Meet the all new GPRSbee

What is new?

it's small!


The SIM800 is much smaller allowing us to reduce the footprint to the identical size of the Xbee module. The SIM800 is software compatible with the SIM900


The battery power can be switched off. This menas that when the GPRSbee is switched off it uses no power. Switching on is done by setting DTR high.


The new GPRSbee is not only smaller. It’s also 30% cheaper!


The new GPRSbee comes with a U.FL PCB antenna.


IoT and M2M specialists

We are a small Dutch based company offering low-cost, open source M2M solutions. We specialize in solar powered solutions. When we failed to use the normal GPRS Shield in a Solar Powered setting we decided to design our own alternative: the GPRSbee.

  • IoT
  • M2M
  • Sensortech
  • Autonomous Stations

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